• Body Contours & Wrap Massage
    90 mins

    (Individualized target area: Arms, Bust, Abdomen, Thigh, Buttocks) Using rhythmic hand compression techniques, this massage helps to detox, sculpt and firm up troubled areas.

  • Aroma Touch
    60 mins // 90 mins

    A relaxing massage using an aromatic-blend of essential oils to envelop your body with a soothing sensation that calms and relaxes the mind as well as relieves tension.

  • Noble Recharge
    75 mins // 90 mins

    Pressure points will be worked on in this intense and deeply stimulating massage. Recommended for the highly active or those with tense muscles.

  • Chinois Fusion Touch
    60 mins: // 90 mins

    A soothing head-to-toe massage using a special house-blend of essential oils: a unique combination of Western and Asian elements.

  • Reservations

    Prior reservation of spa visit is highly advised to secure your preferred date and time of treatment.

  • Punctuality

    Kindly check-in at the spa reception at least 10 mins prior to your appointment for pre-consultation.

  • Health Considerations

    Guests who have high blood pressure, heart conditions, are pregnant or have any other medical conditions are advised to consult their doctors prior to spa treatments. Kindly inform our spa therapists of your medical concerns.

  • Payment

    All services are quoteds in Singapore dollars. We accept payment in cash(S$) and major credit cards (VISA, MasterCard, Diners and JCB).